Monday, April 12, 2010

July 2009
entry #3

I think they're learning the art of fencing from the period pieces we've collected on disc. My only hope now is to barricade myself in my room and pray for your safe and swift return....oh no!! I ...think... they're.... coming.....HURRY!!!!!

August 2009
entry #4

Punkin, this could very well be my final transmission. The little people have become agitated...running wildly around the basement and screaming. They jump from the stairs to the arm of the couch, then fly through the air like bats and fall to the floor landing on every pillow we have. I shudder to think what might happen if they discovered me spying at the top of the stairs. Sometimes they sneak up beside me and stare... their mouths move as if they are talking to me, but their language is alien. All I can hear is, "wah, blah, whine, and click"... I have continued throwing the food at their open mouths, but it only works for so long. After a while they usually give up to resume flying frantically around the basement. When I try to escape the chaos and retreat to my room, they sense my need for solitude and so do everything to get to me before I am able to ascend the staircase. I do not know how long they intend to hold me captive. Help me punkin... You're my only hope.

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Some sort of grid with numbers and signs.

Some sort of grid with numbers and signs.